Job Application – Why Yours Was Rejected?

Once your application is rejected, most applicants will know why their application was rejected.

Unfortunately, it tells them that they can solve it by themselves through previous reflections. Let me help you avoid these common mistakes and give you some tips to maximize the success rate of your application.

Job application: This is an employee’s problem

All applications do not start with a candidate, but start with the employer. Approve work within the organization through a combination of two forces:

  • Need business
  • The team leader who will complete the work.

This is important information as it should inform you that the final decision regarding the use of the latter is made by the manager and that successful candidates will be considered to be the best fit for the company.

The result of these two advantages is the creation of a job (job in bangkok) description from which to derive work advertisements. Once the work is approved for this step, the work request becomes a personal process. However, in their personal communication, the inability to fully recognize people, managers and successful job holders is a fundamental error for many job seekers.

You and your job search

The job application will begin before you start reading the newspaper, following the workbench, going to the job center or chatting with friends. Your job search starts with you and is clearly defined:

  • Who are you?
  • What are you proposing?
  • In the long run, what do you want to do / see what you do.
  • If you don’t know what you want to do, then all the work will work, so you will reject several job requests.

Labor market test

Although you now know what you want to do, in this geographic search, the job market at the time may not want the level of compensation that is economically meaningful to you. It must prove that the job market is able to provide this work at an appropriate level of pay, and that is where the real benefits of job search become apparent.

Access your favorite work board, keep the title/skill consistent and set the payment level to zero. Then open the geo search criteria until the result shows at least 20 jobs. If you can’t find at least 20 suitable jobs, your dream job doesn’t currently exist in the job market. Or: Go back to the first stage and consider another temporary step for your ideal long-term work; waiting for three months or accepting a request for continuous work is annoying.

The second problem at this stage is to ask for too much work. Again, go to your preferred work board, and if you return more than 100 work results after meeting the required criteria, go back and define the employer/engine quote in more detail. Long-term research. The fall of any job leads to a syndrome, which means you don’t pay enough attention to the employer’s eyes, see what you can do / offer, and you will be rejected.

Professional resume

Although I am disappointed to say that as a professional resume writer, if you approach a job search in a specific way, you really don’t need a professional resume. But for 95% of applications, at some stage of the judicial process, so there is a clear human resource, you need a resume. In the modern world, a single resume won’t give you the phone interview you need: this is the only exit action your employer needs to provide a good resume.

If, like many people, you hear that a friend or advertiser uses a free template to get a job (job in bangkok), be sure not to follow the instructions: Templates mean you won’t stand out. A good professional resume writer creates an attractive two-page document that encourages employers to pick up the phone because they communicate that the job seeker has the skills needed to describe the job and demonstrate social compatibility with the organization/manager. . If your membership does not do this, no matter how beautiful or how long your hobbies and interest lists are, please wait until you are rejected.

Job application

The only way for a job seeker to understand and continue to hire a professional at any time is that you can’t lose the opportunity to find a position that suits you and apply for a job.

For example, when an internal employee offers a promotion, your chance is 90%. For a known person who interacts directly with a recruiting organization, his chances are approximately 50%. Whether on the company’s website or in the newspaper, the best chance of posting a job through a public position is about 12% on average. As a part of the work meeting as part of the job “follow the process” application, this can be as simple as 2%

So why do so many job seekers think they can spend more than 10% of their time in the job room? Refuse to associate with where your work is and how it is applied.

Trust job application

This is the last point of refusal to apply for work, which is a common problem in the field of job hunting today:

Trust in finding work is a hard job in itself. There are research, marketing, paperwork, impromptu calls, direct costs, and the worst: advanced rejection. Even successful applicants will be rejected once, which means their success rate is 50%. I still haven’t found an unsuccessful job seeker and somehow don’t believe in myself. That’s one of the reasons why I decided to go to the division and become a resume writer, because in most job searches, it is generally believed that resumes have one thing in common. If you read this article and always want to know why you refuse it, after looking in the mirror, go out with your friends and family and remember the important things. After a day or two of rest, renew your application and seek job search assistance.